Cornelius Foundation International  Web Site:

Organization Contact:   Lisa Sapp  [email protected]

ICCF  Contact:   John Crandall

Date of ICCF Contribution:   September 9, 2008


The ICCF Partners with several organizations who have demonstrated a concern for children.  One of those is the Cornelius Foundation International which operated a missions work in the small Central American country of Belize. Lisa Sapp, known to two ICCF Board Members explained the
12-year commitment of the CFI in proving education, food and other essentials to the children of the Santa Familia area. The ICCF provided a donation for the feeding program administered through a new cafeteria. That donation went with the 15th team sent by the CFI. Follow the link provided to see the work of the CFI. As there was a serious flood which occurred while the CFI Team was in Belize, the ICCF provided funds for emergency relief.