Organization:   Central America Partnership
Organization Contacts:   Robert Prescott  [email protected]
                                              Lora Wooster  [email protected]
ICCF Contact:David Wells Date of ICCF Contribution:   First donation March 12, 2008-ongoing


These words from Robert Prescott explain how Dr. Helmer Juarez used one of the donations provided by the ICCF for the “Drops of Love” program administered through the CA partnership. The program now serves 75 children in one of the more dangerous areas of Guatemala City. Part of the donation is being used to provide a hot breakfast on Saturdays for three months. This was nearly 1000 meals and also provided additional plates, glasses, cups and silverware as additional children joined the program. The rest of the donation purchased personal hygiene supplies for 3 months. These supplies include soap, shampoo, combs, hair brushes, and towels. Previous donations helped cover school expenses for 60 children, dental exams for the children, and food supplements for 3 months. Recent updates from Robert Prescott reveal that Drops of Love now serve 95 children.