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Robert Skinner – [email protected];

                                         Phil Newlin – [email protected]
ICCF Contact:   Barbara Calhoun

                           David Wells
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This winter the New York Times published an article about the difficulty facing the citizens of Ulyanovsk, Russia due to the world economic crisis. Ulyanovsk, located on the mighty Volga River, is a transportation hub connecting Russian cities with the vast area of Siberia to the east. Four members of the ICCF Board have been to Russia on Mission Trips with the Nazarene Church, and three have been to Ulyanovsk, the city of Lenin’s birthplace. Pastor Masha is the focal point of the ICCF donations there. The emphasis has been on the purchase of articles of clothing desperately needed during the harsh winter. These children attend the after school programs run by Pastor Masha and her Church. Some of the donations have also been used to provide food to the families of some of these children. Two Board members of the ICCF went with a Nazarene New Engladn District Worker and Witness Team to Ulyanovsk in July 2008, and met some of these children at a “VBS” presented by the Team. Members of the ICCF left some money with Masha, and there have two follow-up donations. It is obvious from the many emails we have received that Masha faces many, many difficult choices.