Organization:   CIS Partnership
Organization Contact:  
Robert Skinner [email protected]  and
                                            Phil Newlin [email protected]
ICCF Contact:   John Crandall
Date of ICCF Contributions:  
Late 2007 and early 2008; on going as needed


The Nazarene Church has a very active work in Ukraine. The ICCF has focused on medical needs in the area near Zapparozhia. Donations have provided for several needs including a pace maker for a 16 year old girl and major surgery for the young child seen in the picture. The donation for the young child was provided by a member of the CIS Partnership in response to the need presented by Robert Skinner at the January 2008 CIA Partnership Meeting. As many medical needs often require a short time frame, it is significant to note that the ICCF and the CIS Partnership have an arrangement that allows allocated funds to arrive at the point of need in a very timely manner.